Keeping Momentum

MIA much? I have a repetitive tendency (although I’m not falling to it today) to pick up some good habits or begin new goals and just fall off the earth after starting it. I’m not sure what triggers me to stop but I have a feeling it’s just good ol’ fashion momentum. How do I sustain momentum? How do I find the grit to just keep going? This morning I saw a post about habit making and it only taking 66 days. Leading me to the conclusion, if I make the things I want a habit, that will be a big help into making sure I keep momentum. Only took 29 years for me to really sit down and figure this out. Damn, how many more simple life hacks am I missing?

At first I thought the answer was to remember my vision. Which I think is half the battle. I was struggling to see my life vision today which lead me to prefer laying around instead of doing what I truly want. I went straight back to some old (negative) habits and let my positive desires fall by the wayside. So after some thought and about 2 mins of blogging I have come to the new self proclamation: Make my clear vision a habit.  According to the post I read it will take about 66 days to make that real. So what is my self vision? I want exorbitantly loving relationships, wealth, health and confident purpose of what I offer this world. I’m thinking something a little more narrow would be helpful during this habit making of 66 days. So lets begin: what would each of these overall life demands look like in a day-to-day life? In habit form?

Exorbitantly Loving Relationship(ELR):  Time and service for the people I love and want to attract into my life. Finding service towards my family and friends.

Daily Habit for ELR: Daily activity with my sons, daily act of service towards my husband, taking a moment each day thinking of how to serve others in my life.

Wealth: Living with financial freedom,  abundance  and security.

Daily habit: Spending wisely and often sharing my wealth.

Health: Sustaining vitality, energy and overall well-being.

Daily Habit: Working out 20mins a day, eating cleaner. Daily reading and writing.

Confident purpose of what I bring to this world:  Providing a service to the world that is helpful and unique to me.

Daily Habit: blogging daily and sharing inspiration on public platforms.

My Clear vision habit making formula: 

  1. State life vision clearly 
  2. Describe each vision
  3. Decide daily habits based on the description
  4. Do each habit daily for 66 days in a row 

SDDD (State-Describe-Decide-Do)

Okay, those are a big list of habits to add into my life. I wonder if I’m being unreasonable trying do all these at once. I suppose not, I do have to start somewhere.

Cheers to 66 days,



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