Daily Thinking

What you do everyday, is more important than what you do once in a while. Gretchen Rubin

According to Outleirs you have to accumulate about 10,000 hours of ‘doing’ before mastering any particulate subject.  He suggests talent is non-existent or  at least not the key factor in becoming better than average at your ability to do a commodity. Gladwell implies a combination of 10 thousand hours of specific labor and divine timing are the secretes to success.  This got me thinking, about thinking. I’ve spent well over 10,000 hours thinking often the same thoughts. I have a pretty great life and I struggle to often see it this way. Conclusion: I’ve mastered negative thoughts.

Negative thinking is a pretty broad way of putting I have things I want to get rid of and maybe even replace with something else. However, its top of my list.  I’ve received enough advice to see the value in my thinking. What a massive trait to tackle, thinking. I started with specifics that I could easily list off: Over thinking, self-improvement, ambition and overall happiness.   Eventually these broke down into very applicable sub categories for me to develop. What lead to this was reading some helpful books, I started with You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero and followed up with similar books that caught my attention after. The repetition of information was amazing and really anchored in ways of thinking that would change my life.

Changing the way I think wasn’t a new concept for me but it took years before I actually understood what it all meant. I finally grasp the change is; being aware of what I think. There are so many ways of breaking this down. For me, the concept of being self-aware comes down being able to ask yourself “why did I just think that?” after every emotional thought. Then while answering yourself leaning into the answer without judgment. Once you are able to understand your own thoughts and why you make them, it becomes easier and easier to change them or learn to appreciate them.

Changing my thoughts, changed my attitude. This is the most monumental difference I have ever made for myself. I feel happier and more in tune with what my desires are .I can see situations that used to get me stressed or worked up and I find myself easily dodging those feelings. I will be examining and changing my thoughts hopefully until the end of my time or at least for 10,000 hours.

Mandy K.


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